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I Love Fucking In The Mountains!!!!

Shaye Baxter is like most young coeds; full of life and adventure. So when this skinny dwarf teenager found out that GMP was going to the mountains to do a set Shaye was eager to go. It wasn’t long till a stroll in the woods became a afternoon of fucking. See this hot brunettes fun in the sun and everything in between Join Real Colorado Girls

Fucking Outside

Fucking Outside

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Errant Little Sister

Allison Moore borrowed her brothers phone without asking and fucked it up an now he’s pissed.. Not only did it cost $450 to replace the phone, but it also had all of his pics of his family that he can never get back. So when he found the old mans ad in the newspaper it was a first-class way to get a little pay back on his little sister. See this sexy tramps reaction when she finds out she has to do her first smut with the old man and its her brother gets to shoot the whole thing too on Bring Me Your Sister

Undress in-front of her broth

Undress in-front of her broth

Sucking a fat dick while her brother is in the same room makes Allison’s cunt so wet you can see the juices glisten off the old man middle finger. To see more hot old and young smut join Bring Me Your Sister

sucking dick makes her pussy wet

sucking dick makes her cunt wet

Bending the hot flaxen over the old man pounds the brothers misbehaving sister’s ass  making her huge natural milk cans bounce in front of  his face while he captures it all on camera….  To see this cute sister getting fucked while her brother watches Join Bring Me Your Sister.

brother films his sister getting fuck

brother videos his sister getting fuck

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Delilah Daze In Trouble Again !!!!

Bad teenager, Delilah Daze seems to be in trouble again.This time the dumb brunette answered the phone and forgot to turn off the water while doing dishes. Flooding her brother’s apt, Delilah needs a way to pay him back $500!!! So they came to the old man’s for help. To see what mischievous idea they came up with visit Bring Me Your Sister.

Delilah Daze and Her Brother delilahdaze oldny sisp xxxp bfc petite gnd teen amateur panties

Delilah Daze and Her Brother

Delilah Daze loves getting her twat pampered by the old man but I think the sexy slut loves it more because her brother is holding the camera.The brother being only inches away catches some good close ups of his sister paying off her debts. To see the brothers full point of view join Bring Me Your Sister

Sisters pussy gets pampered

Sisters twat gets pampered

Straddling the old man, this Colorado tart  gets real errant. Riding the penis so hard the dumb tart almost knocks over the lamp on the table. Luckily that didn’t phase the brother none, that perv was able to keep his camera on his sisters tight little ass the whole time she rode Richards fat penis. Download full video

Delilah Daze Gets On Dick

Brother Gets A Closer Look

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Jack’s Hot Little Sister

Jack’s little sister owes him $600 for scratching his wheels up. Not having any way to pay him back the dough, he decides to take her to the old man and see what he thinks of .Logan Daniels Liking what he see the old man agrees to pay the $600 but with only one catch… He gets to fuck Jack’s little sister while he films the whole thing. To see how mischievous these three can get Download full movie.

Jack pimps his little sister

Jack pimps his little sister

Bending over this naughty sister shows her brothers just how superior her round butt looks and how tight her pretty pink cunt is.. To see more of the perverted brothers point of view Join Bring Me Your Sister

Tight ass and Tight pussy

Tight butt and Tight pussy

Richard had better plans for Jacks little sister, bending the hot blonde over the old man pounds her firm butt making Logan Daniels toes curl with pure pleasure. To see more of this cute sister getting fuck while her brother watches Join Bring Me Your Sister.

Jack gets a better look

Jack gets a better look

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Don’t Cum In My Cunt

Butterfly Haze had already done a few films with me but up till now, she had had difficulty fitting all of my dick in her petite little cunt. During the last movie we had shot, the cute tattooed 18-year-old had actually taken the full length but then it became too much fat dick for one day and I finished quickly – dumping a substantial load of cream all over her tight belly. But I digress….  We were talking about the time I gave Butterfly haze an accidental creampie.  I guess Butterfly had been dreaming of a real dick again so she called me up and asked if she could come over and try again. Since I wasn’t expecting her to stop by, I had no camera crew so I set up the cameras on tripods and waited for her to arrive. You can get an idea of how much fun we had by viewing the free gallery or download the full movie here. Or just enjoy the few images on my blog. ;)

First let me say that this is a re-edit of the original with the color fixed and a few videos that were originally deleted by my old editor. Since this was a true homemade movie with no crew, there are no stills but I’ll post a few screen caps of the homemade movie of me fucking the shit out of the athletic teen Butterfly Haze.

Butterfly is actually one of the most sensual coeds I’ve known and seeing her arching her back as I unhooked her bra just after kissing her is almost hot enough – but wait till you see her riding my dick…. of course, if you don’t want to wait you can download the full video or view the free trailer.

RichardNailder and ButterflyHaze xxxp sisp oldny bfc homemade plts athletic pierced tattooed creampie eighteen brunette lnpls Latina amateur teen

Richard Nailder and Butterfly Haze

Like I said – this was an unplanned homemade video and as such, we had to do a little of the camera work ourselves – gonzo style. Butterfly filmed as I slowly slid my fat dick into her petite little cunt. To see her closeups, you need to download the full video.

Butterfly Haze Films Richard Nailder Fucking Her

Butterfly Haze films Me Fucking Her

Of course, I was more than willing to take the camera and let her do all the real work. I filmed as Butterfly slammed herself repeatedly down on my throbbing dick. It felt unblemished to me and from the look on her face, and the fact that she was doing the “slamming”, plus the fact that her petite little cunt was working my jumbo dick like a pro convinced me that the pain on her face is exactly what she wanted – a hard fucking from a real dick. Decide for yourself by download the full video or view the free trailer. Or if you like – I have a few more teasers in this free gallery.

Richard Nailder Films Butterfly Haze Riding His Fat Cock

I film Butterfly Haze Riding My Fat Cock

Getting behind the athletic teen, I bent her over the table and fucked her from behind – the camera on the fridge captured Butterfly’s o-face as she climaxed, her petite muffy pulsating on my dick so intensely that I blew most of my load deep in her petite little cunt, pulling out just in time to have a bit remaining to blow all over her prime round butt as the camera on the floor filmed the majority of my cream dripping from her shaved little coochie. I’ve put two galleries up for your viewing pleasure: Free coed smut gallery 1 and Free coed smut gallery 2

Oops - She Told Me Not To Cum In Her Cunt ;)

Oops – She Told Me Not To cream In Her Cunt ;)

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Not On My Face

As male talent for Glass Mannequin I get the pleasure of fucking all kinds of beautiful teens but the teens I like best are the teens that are “real” on camera. You know, the kind of teenager that will tell you the way it is, that enjoys the sex and doesn’t pull any punches and Naughty Hannah, is one of these teens. If you’re not fucking her hard enough this little tart with her petite knockers and wide sexy ass is going to tell, and by the same token – if you plan on cumming on this teenagers face, expect her to holler “not on my face” as you aim a whopping load of hot sticky semen fight at her chin.

Watching Hannah Fuck

But that’s the best part about working for Glass Mannequin, the teens are cute and the sex is real. See real teens having real unscripted sex with people in their own neighborhood. Even teens that have semen phobias and don’t yearn for their cute teen faces covered in semen – we do have a few that love facials too so join now and start the best amateur porno experience on the internet.

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